See your guide drawing come alive! I will send you a link via dropbox or similar of a video showing the process from start to finish of me drawing your guide. This will be a large file up to approximately 700+mb so ensure that you have ability to download large files if you wish to keep for ongoing viewing."I loved the video, it was so amazing to see the whole process. I’m always endlessly curious about those sorts of things. And while I “know" this guide I was not familiar with what she looked like. It’s so nice to have that for meditation and the reading was one of the best I’ve received in a long time......." AW from the USA


A beautiful pastel drawing on paper to connect you with the spirit guide/s with you for your highest good at the time of channeling with a message of guidance and connection. 

A complimentary message card will be posted to you on completion also.  Artist quality materials are used for your sacred work.


I will need you to email me a photo of yourself for me to use as a focus point when tuning in to channel the drawing and your postal address to send your drawing to.  I will contact you regarding this when your order is received.


On receipt of your order I will contact you to advise when you can expect to receive your drawing.  If it is an urgent request please contact me prior to ordering to ensure I am able to complete your drawing in the desired time.


Size: Slightly oversized A5 16cm x 25cm

Spirit Guide Drawing A5 with video link