Beautiful and energetic mandalas based on the Seed of Life which you will find at the center of the The Flower of Life.  I have included a BONUS image that reflects the integration of the chakras all being in perfect balance and harmony.


The Seed of Life is comprised of the sacred number of seven connecting circles.  It represents Creation and held within it are the sacred geometry of the circle, Vesica Pisces and the six pointed star.

Use them as meditation and healing  tools.  For example you may use them as a focus point for open eye gazing upon the centre of the seed as you focus on each chakra.  Do this in one meditation/visualization or over  7 days as you start with the base and work up to the crown.  On the 8th day use the bonus Integration image to bring you to wholeness.


Am Whole  Perfect  Complete  I  Am


Print them in any format you wish and as often as you wish: on canvas, paper or even fabric.  Perfect for personal use or anyone who includes chakra balancing in their work or meditation groups.  This is a pdf file suitable for A3 or A4 printing.  My website address will not show on the download file.


Please honour that this is my original copyright work and sales of prints go towards my lifelihood.  I ask that you use this image only for personal use.  Please refer anyone interested to this page for purchase.

Sacred Seed Chakra Mandalas set of 7 plus bonus image