8 beautiful chakra mandalas with affirmations related to each chakra.  These are reflective of the seven base chakras and an eighth card integrating the energies:

Base - I am Safe

Sacral - I am Creative

Solar Plexus - I am Strong

Heart - I am Love

Throat - I am Truth

Third Eye - I am Visionary

Crown - I Am That I Am

Integration - I am whole, perfect & complete

Use them for meditation and chakra balancing.  I suggest focusing on each card as you connect to the related chakra in your body and then gently close your eyes and sense the energies in your chakra and any messages you feel it has for you.  Do this for each chakra starting from the base up to the crown.  Use the integration card to settle into a quiet integrative meditation at the end before you bring yourself fully back into your physical being and go about your day - whole, complete and perfect!


Customer response:  Love them!  VW  Brisbane May 2019


Each card is 10cm x 10cm and come in an organza bag with an information sheet.

Mandala is on one side and affirmation on reverse side.


NB:  There may be a short delay on delivery of these cards as I hold only a small amount in stock and print on demand. 

Sacred Seed Chakra Affirmation Cards