My early introduction into my conscious spiritual journey was through A Course in Miracles and Reiki.  Both are still important and sacred to me.  Reiki I loved with a passion and believed that this was to be my path in life as a teacher and practitioner of Reiki.  This has been a part of what I do but one of the greatest gifts Reiki gave to me was the return to my creativity and the opening of my energy channels so that my art has become a healing modality in itself.  My mission has been to bring joy and empowerment through my art.
I imbue all of my art with universal love and light energy and the visceral effect of my art is very real.  I wish to offer to you now an opportunity to receive a healing transmission of light energy along with a channelled personal symbol of empowerment.
Light energy can be transmitted with no time or physical limitations.  In a remote healing I use a photo of my client to attune to and connect to their thought forms and energy field.   I then proceed to channel light energy using a pillow or crystal as a proxy but most often my reiki teddy bear.  Any information that comes to me is written down; this may include past hurts that need to be released, I may be shown healing taking place or given suggestions for what the client needs to do as a follow up or receive affirmations etc and this will be posted to the client after.  I believe the hand written notes hold the energy of the healing session and will help the client to release and empower themselves. 
When the energy transmission has been completed I ask for a symbol of healing and empowerment and then create a postcard size healing card.  This symbol will assist in the integration of the energy healing that has/is taking place.  A water colour background will bring in the colours your soul is resonating with at that time and the healing/empowerment symbol hand painted over the top.  Our soul speaks in images, the symbols are meant to be felt and connected with through heart connection not analyzed.  The images shown are one that I have recently channeled for myself after a self-healing and one for a client who has had two healings and been very happy.


"I'm going to purchase another the end of this month. I could feel the Reiki move through my body!Where do I leave a review for you?Awww your going to make me cry !This letter is spot on"

Melissa USA


I recommend using it as a focus for meditation when first received.  I keep mine by my bedside and in my work area while I am working with it and use my intuition as to when I need to connect with it.  The cards can be framed or laminated and another option is to use it as a bookmark. 

This offer is available world wide.  Australian customers may contact me directly for payment or via my website.  Postage is a standard letter, please contact me if you wish to have tracking as this will be an extra cost depending on your location.  I am not responsible for the package once I have posted it, I will keep a digital copy until it is received as a back up.

I will require a photo of you showing your eyes (sans sunnies!) and your postal address for delivery.  Also let me know if there are any specific issues you would like addressed.  Personally I believe it is best to allow the healing session to decide this as we don’t always know what is for our highest best!  Namaste Francie


"Hi Francie
I thought to let you know that I lay on my bed in the afternoon to rest and on occasions I read my healing reading and I always sleep with my symbol under my pillow. When I rise I feel calmer and content. Thank you again."

PB England

Remote Energy Healing with Channelled Art Symbol