This painting appeared on the cover of Connect magazine in 2017. I named it Connection. There are many layers within this painting and it radiates very strong healing energy due to the sacred geometry encased within and my intent. The foundation of the painting is a flower of life, I painted this in slight relief so the original can be felt with the hands and can be seen from all angles. The original has been sold and the lines are visible in prints.


As I painted words came to me, I share them here as they reflect the energy within the painting, ‘Connection’ and the theme of Growth:


From the womb of the Divine Mother, the night, we retreat to the Seat of our Soul to allow our Soul to speak, to show us what we need and desire for our growth. Without fail Father Sun rises to greet us, to empower us, to illuminate; and for the warrior energy to take action, to carry on, to experience, learn and grow. After each spurt of growth, we need to take the time to rest, to nurture, to allow a safe space for our dreams to germinate, to take root, ready to spring into manifestation upon the earthly plane. True growth is of the spirit, the soul, the emotions, the mental and the physical bodies embodied into one. We are holistic beings, we need to embrace all parts of ourselves otherwise we will stagnate and not grow. The soul is experiencing life on earth to grow, to learn to experience. Listen to your soul. There is nothing to be afraid of. Growth need not involve struggle. Approach it from the soul, not from the mental head level, from the heart, not the ego, from love, not fear. One flower at a time, one petal at a time, from the centre. Nothing experienced is ever lost, all adds to the Flowering of Life, to Growth. Everything is interlocked, nothing or no one stands alone. Some growth is smooth and easy, some is jagged and sharp; some is wobbly but all works together for the growth and unity of the whole. From the centre, always from the centre, go within and expand. Each is a part of the whole. And a seed sprung from the earth, and a seed from heaven and the heart of creation calls for them to become as one, whole, perfect and complete. Ground and make strong connection with Mother Earth ready to integrate the light of the Cosmos.


This was the story line of ‘Connection’ as she was painted.


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Please honour that this is my original copyright work and sales of prints go towards my lifelihood.  I ask that you use this image only for personal use.  Please refer anyone interested to this page for purchase.