This painting began by incorporating names and healing intentions for 94 people who partook.  I intended that each individual received healing frequency from this painting and also called in universal healing which came through with the blessing of Kuan Yin (also spelt Kwan Yin or Quan Yin).

The following message came through to me for your contemplation:

Dear ones, too many in the collective consciousness, including many lightworkers, are focusing on the current problems in the world and forecasting a fearful future.  This is not to say that you should not be aware of what is happening in your physical reality but the attention and focus needs to be on the visualization of the world you wish for you and your children and all of mankind to live in.  Do not wrack your brains trying to think of how.  Simply sit in meditation and focus on your desired vision and then as you go about your life be aware of insights and opportunities to make a difference and live the life of your dreams.

Challenges will always be present on the earth plane while humanity is grounded in the third dimension but through your intention you can choose your response and lift your vibration and then radiate this out to your world.  Do not give up hope, do not think that you can not make a difference. By choosing not to rise above you remain a part of the problem.  Rise above and be aware.

There is much judgement and bias on the planet currently.  It is a time to stay strong. With love in your heart.  Breathe love into and from your heart each day and breathe strength and power into your lower three chakras as you connect to Mother Earth.  Make all decisions from this centred space within.  Pull away from situations that are draining of your energy until you have built your energy field so that is strong and vibrating at a high frequency.  You need to build your energy field daily now.

Breathe into your hara, your belly, and expand the golden life-giving light of the Central Sun into every cell of your being.  Go out into the world and express your truth.  Do what you can do to improve your world.  Do not judge or compare yourself to others.  Each person does things differently and has their own role to play.  Do not judge from the ego what or who is doing the greater job, each pearl in the strand of humanity is important in their unique way.

Step out of the fear bubble and into the love bubble.  Shine and radiate your light and when you tire take time to retreat and nurture yourself.  Self-care is vital at this time.  One can not fend for others if their own well has run dry.

Remember you are not alone. Commune with the sacred each day. Allow yourself to be vulnerable also; if you feel scared, sad or angry allow these feelings, acknowledge them and then breath into them and let them go.  Breathe the light into your hara and expand your energy field again.  Do this every time you feel your energy field contract.  Stay aware, the sooner you do this the easier it is to let go and remain strong.  The more you do this the easier it becomes and the stronger and more resilient your energy field will become.

In Grace, I am Kuan Yin


Kuan-Shi Yin means observing the Sounds or Cries of the Human World
Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and Love


Kuan Yin delivered The Great Compassion Mantra millennia ago so that "living beings may obtain peace and joy, be healed of illness, enjoy prosperity, erase past sins and offenses, remove hardship and suffering, and increase spiritual attainment and virtue." (From a description of a book Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras: Awakening the Healing Powers of the Heart by Josefine Stark & Christine Meiner)

A common way to connect with Kuan Yin is by repeating her name over and over as a mantra. This is said to relieve suffering and enhance compassion.

Her compassion mantra is “Om Mani Padme Hum”.  Traditionally it is chanted 108 times with mala beads.  Recite or sing the mantra and ask Kuan Yin to assist you. Keep in your mind the thought of compassion and peace towards all living beings.


Please honour that this is my original copyright work and sales go towards my lifelihood.  I ask that you use this image only for personal use.  Please refer anyone interested to this page for purchase.