Are you looking for some playtime over the holidays, some quiet time to meditate upon your dreams and visions. This colouring in page will be perfect for you. Simply download and print and then colour in using whatever media you wish: colour pencil, water colour, acrylic paint, tombo markers, crayons etc.





Take some time to prepare a sacred space.Clear a space where you will not be disturbed.  Have your materials you plan to use close to hand.  If using coloured pencils, ensure they are sharp before you begin. Put on some music that you love.  Bless your space in whatever way you feel best eg smudge, play a singingbowl, clap your hands etc



Close your eyes, placing your hands gently on your page. Take 3 deep breaths to calm and relax the body, mind and create space for your spirit to flow.  Release all that does not serve you in the moment.  Imaging any worries or stress filtering out of your body down through roots from your feet into the heart of Mother Earth to be transmuted into love.  In your mind’s eye take yourself to a beautiful place in nature.  Imagine that you are there; use all your senses.  Imagine you can see, taste, smell and touch all that is around you.  In the centre of this space is a sacred circle.  As you walk into the circle a beautiful and loving being walks towards you and meets you in the centre.  You hold out your hands and they place a sapling plant in your hands.  This represents your dreams and goals and visions.  Your prayers have already been answered and now it is time for you to nurture your sapling and take action in the world to create a new cycle of your tree of life. Spend some time contemplating your desires and vision for your life.  Ask the being who has stepped forth any questions you may have.  Take a moment to listen and be aware of any thoughts, visions or feelings you may receive.  Thank this being and see them leave your space.  When you are ready slowly open your eyes, bring yourself back into your body and gently begin to colour in your page in whatever way feels right.  Hold your vision of the life you wish to create for yourself in your mind and heart as you colour.  Be soft and allow your heart and feelings to guide you.  This does not have to be finished in one session.  Come back to it at anytime always taking time to be in a relaxed, open and loving space to nurture and act upon your vision for your life and be open to the guidance you receive along the way.  Most of all Enjoy!!


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Please honour that this is my original copyright work and sales of prints go towards my lifelihood.  I ask that you use this image only for personal use.  Please refer anyone interested to this page for purchase.

Colouring Page ~ Tree of Life