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Artemis is a moon goddess, the mistress of animals, the hunt and of the wilderness.

Artemis is essentially a goddess of women.

She is strong and independent but also loving and compassionate.


Artemis speaks to us now:


I call to the womenfolk to stand tall and proud, to be strong and courageous and yet soothing and nurturing.  Stand proud and be independent but do not turn away from your menfolk or diminish their worth.


Male and female come together in the sacred dance of life and yet walk your own paths in balance and harmony.  Allow your inner wildness to keep your passion ignited and aim your arrows true to take action in the world while nurturing within the feminine aspects of the moon, the intuition, the insight that forgoes right action.  Womenfolk stand in your power and allow the masculine to protect you. Menfolk walk in your strength and allow the wisdom of the wise feminine essence to guide you.


Each one of you has a call to action that brought you to this time and place.  No matter whether this be small or monumental follow it through to completion for the growth of your soul and the good of all.


I am Artemis

I call to you to be true to your divine essence.


Pastel on Paper

50cm x 40cm

Artemis - Pastel on paper