With Joy I  bring you The Archangel Healing cards.

I trust they bring you much joy and assistance in connecting with the angelic realm.  The intent of these cards is for them to be used as portals to angelic energy for healing and assistance on your life journey. 


I have called upon the following angels to be represented in these cards:


Raphael ~ Healing

Michael ~ Courage

Gabriel ~ Communication

Uriel ~ Inspiration

Zadkiel - Purification of the Silver Violet Flame

Metatron ~ Spiritual Understanding

Sandalphon ~ Answered Prayer


Use these cards in any way you wish; follow what feels right to you in any moment.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

∞ Always begin by taking a few deep breaths; softening your mind and heart and take a moment to ground to earth:

∞ Place the cards around you in a circle for meditation

∞ Place the cards around the massage table when giving or receiving healing or any form of body work

∞ Place the cards in front of you; ask a question and see which angel draws your attention and then connect to this card in contemplation or meditation. Answers always come but not necessarily immediately, stay aware over the next day or two for insights and be open to how the answers come for they can be obscure! Stay soft of heart and mind and let life be your guide.

∞ Shuffle the cards and pick one; ask what message do you have for me today? Be of quiet, soft mind and heart; listen and feel.

∞The backs of the cards are blank so you may like to write your prayer or messages from your angels on the back.


Namaste and May the Angels Bless You



NB:  There may be a short delay on delivery of these cards as I hold only a small amount in stock and print on demand. 

Angel Cards A5