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Break first blog!

With most of my paintings I channel a writing at the end which exemplifies the essence of the creation process. One of my recent paintings entitled Break Free has inspired me to make an impromptu decision to post my first blog!

This painting went through many transitions showing the struggle the heroine of the painting went through to Break Free and to live a life of Golden Illumination.

It is virtually 5 pictures in one and 5 is the number I equate with change and freedom.

Break Free

I have lived many lives and my soul imprisoned.

Many lifetimes have it taken me to learn that there was no jailer but myself.

My fears of moving forward, speaking my truth and breaking free were what kept me imprisoned.

When I learnt that the key to my freedom lay in my heart, I grabbed that key.

I unlocked my heart and I ran from the past leaving it behind as it served me no more but for the reminder to choose Love over fear.

Walk your earth walk knowing that you are but for a visit for your soul to grow and evolve.

Connect your feet to Mother Earth and your mind to the Cosmic Mother/Father and may they dwell together in harmony, peace, truth, wisdom and love within your hearts.

Break Free

Break Free and live a life of Golden Illumination

The following images show the transitions of the painting from start to finish

Is there something you are dreaming of achieving in your life that has been alluding you?

Go within to focus on your goals and desires and call forth the courage to make the move towards your dream.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed because it all seems so much to achieve and we live in a world that seems to glorify instant gratification.

What is one step you can take today towards fulfilling your dreams and aspirations?

It is better to have tried and not reached the end result than never to have tried at all and there may be something even better awaiting us if just take some action. Fortune favours the brave. Sometimes all it takes is one step forward to open up a new doorway of opportunity.

I wish you all the best in breaking free from any self imposed limitations!



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