• Francie Griffin

Angel of Unity and Harmony

Such a blessing when this beautiful angel made her presence felt in my August Healing Painting session. I started this painting on the Lionsgate Portal Day and amazingly I had 88 names to add to the painting! These are the names of people who requested their essence to be added to the painting for healing energy for them and for their world.

Following the addition of everyone's name and intention for healing to the canvas I intuitively chose a healing colour for each participant and added this to the painting. I received some feedback saying that the person had received the same colour I intuited for them in meditation themselves around that time period.

After a few days rest I reconnected with the canvas and the Angel of Unity and Harmony appeared.

Message from the Angel of Unity and Harmony

Blessed ones I am the Angel of Unity and Harmony. There are legions of heavenly and cosmic beings showering their love and blessings upon Mother Earth and her people at this time like a coat of many colours. As you go through your day imagine yourself cloaked in a light cloak of many colours; draw upon all the colour rays for all the qualities that are needed at this time such as strength, courage love, joy, gentleness and nurturing and truth. We in the cosmic realms cannot do the work for you, it is up to each one of you to take time each day to sit in quiet and call upon your higher self and your spiritual team for guidance. Many of you are feeling diverse feelings and emotions; anger arises, despair ladens you down. Feel those emotions and let them go, do not allow them to fester within you, this will cause more drama in your life. Use your anger to propel you into action but do not act from anger or fear; transmute it first. All decisions, choices and actions should stem from wisdom and love. Each one of you has a part to play and it is uniquely yours. Acknowledge that everyone has a different role, and these are all needed. Activists and pacifists work side by side. We are here to guide you, but you need quiet mind and open heart to hear or sense our guidance to allow inspiration to come to you. Gentleness and nurturing is most important at this time and most of all to yourself. How can you be loving to another if not to self? These are transitional times; circumstances are not likely to become easier for some time and much that is occurring is out of your control but your choice of how to respond is always yours to control. There is a saying in your world; “smile and the world smiles with you”. An attitude of gratitude will help you to keep your frequency and vibration high. Count your blessings every day. Each time worry or fear arises replace it with an awareness of something you are blessed by, perhaps the smile on your child’s face or the birdsong outside your door.

Seek and you will find.

Be kind and gentle to yourself and others.

Be strong and courageous.

Find your light within and shine your light and cloak yourself in sunshine and rainbow light.

Stay the Course.

Seek your Truth.


The next healing painting is scheduled for Tuesday 21 September, the full moon and close to the Spring Equinox. If you would like to be included please go to the post on my facebook page Spirit Guide Art. Namaste Francie

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