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What are you seeking? A spiritual connection, deepening your spiritual awareness, healing, a unique experience or maybe some beautiful personalised artwork?  I am a facilitator of healing and connection, teacher and artist. I offer all these things and more.

I specialise in intuitive art. In particular spirit guide drawings. So how does this work?  I connect with your energy and your spirit guide and am able to create their image and share with you their message. It's a personal and powerful experience that results in a pastel drawing imbued with Healing Universal Energy and a means of energetically connecting with your spiritual guide/s that has come through me at that time. I receive a message of guidance from your guide and this is posted to you in the form of a gift card.  The process takes typically takes about an hour and gives you something you can keep and treasure forever.
I am often asked how I started this work.  Like a spiral there is no definitive starting point, it is part of my journey of life and spirals often feature in my work and journaling.  Apart from being the foundation of all life forms my life has been like a spiral.  As a kid I loved art and I was always doodling eyes.  When faced with what to do with the rest of my life I decided to be a teacher like most of my siblings.  Then what will I teach?  History and English sounded good but in those days teaching was about standing in front of a class and talking for 40 minutes and being very shy at that tender age I couldn't imagine myself doing that.  I chose to be an art teacher because I loved art and I figured I wouldn't have to talk as much!
As the spiral of my life built momentum I found myself spiralling away from my love of art and teaching and working in a much more left brain environment.  Then the spiral of my life seemed to be unravelling for some years and I felt the call of my soul calling me home to my true self.  I began to be drawn to matters of a spiritual nature, I studied the Course of Miracles and was attuned as a reiki channel, eventually to Reiki Master/Teacher level.  And during the course of this the creative side of me that had been lying dormant for so long began to emerge once again.
Now I am joyfully in the creative spiral again!  I paint intuitively and am specialising in Spirit Guide portraits where people always notice how mesmerising the eyes are, well I was doodling them all those years ago.  My healing energy is channeled into my art.  I love my work and especially the healing it brings both to me and my clients.


Life is a never ending spiral
Each day, each moment brings an ending and a beginning
May you enjoy every moment
There really is no beginning and no end
The spiral is eternal
It takes you into the centre of your being and out again
Return always to your centre
Reach out to life
Return to centre
Reach out to life
Return to centre
And so the spiral continues………….